Standard model Rockbox cajon with new elegant design adjustable snare system

Same size,same timber as the pro model Rockbox cajon, but with a different snare system.
The new standard model rockbox has a 25 strand adjustable snare (pat pending) attached from the top of the cajon, quite unique in the world of cajons.
The frame is made from sustainable New Zealand plantation pine, each piece of timber is carefully selected for qualities such as grain and straightness.
Depending on whats available, the front is made from either Fijian cedar plywood (sustainable) or hoop pine plywood.
The back of the drum is the same just thicker ply 6-7mm.
The new (pat pending) adjustable snare is simple and elegant in it's design.Allowing forward and backward movement as well as twisting.
The snare can be removed and replaced in seconds by one hand.No tools necessary.
I truly love this new snare system.

Workmanship warranty:
This guarantees it's quality and craftsmanship, this does not mean
it's indestructible!
Workmanship warranty: does not include freight charges to and from for overseas buyers.
The front hitting panel is just 3mm thickness and is not guaranteed against breaking.
Meaning if you put your hand through it by hitting it way too hard it's not under warranty.
In normal circumstances this should not happen! One incident in 11 years.
The snare wires should only be touched with care and can easily be bent out of shape( like any drum snare)
If it's in tune and sounds great, leave it that way. Don't let your friend put his hand through
the sound hole feeling around to see how it works, my warranty doesn't cover this.



new model standard rockbox cajon

Above image:  new psychedelic designs available (see latest designs)

 Billy Handley playing the standard model rockbox cajon drum at the conservatory of music recording room in Sydney.
Playing some funky rock beats, and a bit of jazz.
This model also comes with the tree design as seen in the video below.
The video was shot with a Panasonic HDC-HS900 camera in a dead recording room.
I imagine it will sound epic with the neumann microphones we used and a bit of reverb added.
Still waiting for the recording from the con.



Price $380
Pick up is preferred, and comes with a complimentary lesson and custom tune.
email to make an appointment
If  "Pick up" is not possible, please email me for shipping costs and payment details.


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