Flamenco cajon

Flamenco cajon is a new model to the Rockbox family, it's a traditional sounding flamenco cajon 36.5 cm high x 30cm x 28cm
Although it's smaller than the standard Rockbox it delivers a punch and is comfortable to play.
Made from hand selected, sustainable timbers such as New Zealand pine and Fijian Cedar, it has a nice bass and great snappy snare.Perfect for flamenco.
The Flamenco cajon has the sound hole on the side as opposed the the back, so you can play the back-side as well.
Made in Australia, with a real New Zealand pine timber frame (not plywood) it's value for money at $250
Suitable for children and adults alike.



I haven't developed the technique to play this type of drum yet, it requires standard (flamenco) cajon drumming technique..... quite different to the Rockbox I generally play.
The more I play this drum the more I like it and appreciate it's simplicity. A better video from a more competent player is in the pipeline.



Price $250
Pick up is preferred, and comes with a complimentary lesson and custom tune.
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You can purchase all rockbox models online from my other site rockboxcajon.com