Rockbox Pro Cajon

The Rockbox Pro cajon is very responsive with a deep punchy bass and crisp bright resonant snare. With a greater tonal range than the standard model and the ability to attach a foot clicker and or side clicker attachments the Pro is the perfect drum for all occasions. The Rockbox Pro can easily support up to 150 kg in weight and can be played on all sides. It comes fitted with the standard Pat pending designed Rockbox snare system and Rim-shot. The Rockbox Pro cajon comes with a 3 year Workmanship warranty.

Here what drummer Gareth Edwards had to say about his new Deluxe model Rockbox; (same sound as the pro model)

"Just had my first play of the Cajon with guitars and vocals backing me up. To say it sounded amazing is an understatement. I really got a true feel for it. The fractional difference in hand placement when hitting really impacts the different tones of the snare. Consistency is definitely something I'm going to have to work on. All my mates were in awe of the depth of tone that this beautiful thing has. I'm over the moon mate. I can't thank you enough for building this for me. It's fantastic. "

Rockbox Pro Cajon




The new logo uses a very new technique which prints the image directly upon the timber, similar to a tattoo.
It allows transparencies and gradients of colour, giving the image a beautiful depth, whilst
also allowing for the grain of the timber to show through the image making each drum unique.
Like tattooing the ink is absorbed into the grain of the timber making it very permanent.

Same sound, size and look as the Dovetail model Rockbox, minus the dovetail joints = a more affordable price.

Click here for a sound file of the Rockbox pro model

Workmanship warranty:
This guarantees it's quality and craftsmanship, this does not mean
it's indestructible!
Workmanship warranty: does not include freight charges to and from for overseas buyers.
The front hitting panel is just 3mm thickness and is not guaranteed against breaking.
Meaning if you put your hand through it while playing it's not under warranty.
The internal snare system is made extremely well but not indestructible, there is really
no reason to touch it once in tune, so I suggest don't.
The snare wires should only be touched with care and can easily be bent out of shape( like any drum snare)
creating a rattle, rather than a crisp snare sound.
If it's in tune and sounds great, leave it that way. Don't let your friend put his hand through
the sound hole feeling around to see how it works, my warranty doesn't cover this.

Which side do you need the snare positioned?
The best way to approach this is for you to sit on a chair and
pretend you are playing a Rockbox.
The bass tone is achieved by hitting your finger tips
on the middle of the drum.
Which hand would you naturally use to lean over and hit the bass?
If it's your right hand, the snare gets placed on the left side.
if it's your left hand you use for the bass,
then the snare is positioned on the right side.

 Price $520
Pick up is preferred, and comes with a complimentary lesson and custom tune.
email to make an appointment

If  "
Pick up" is not possible, please email me for shipping costs and payment details.